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Trailblazers: Meet The Creatives- Episode 5: Ana B., The Photographer

Welcome to Episode 5 of Trailblazers: Meet The Creatives. Today, I’d like to introduce you Ana B. A Honduran Photographer full of dreams and eclectic energy, determined to leave her mark in the world.

Ana was the last to register to my workshop but one of the first ones to arrived and since then have kept in touch with me to make sure I hold her accountable to bring into fruition her projects and as she planned at the end of the workshop she launched her website two weeks ago.

Tell us about yourself, who are you and what do you do

My name is Ana Banegas. I was born and raised in Tegucigalpa, Honduras but New York City has shaped the go-getter attitude that is tenaciously looking to evolve on a professional and personal level. I was laid off in September from a global media and entertainment company but I have not allowed the ‘unemployment’ status defined my future goals. I am currently a seasonal brand ambassador that has worked in activation campaigns with Nike, TopSpin, Amazon, and DAZN. I am diligently job hunting and I am ready for a career breakthrough in a socially conscious company where I can positively impact the organization as well as the community

Define your artistry

I consider it more of a brand. My name Ana B, its a representation of my integrity: who I am, what I stand for, my values and beliefs.

What inspires you?

Faith inspires me, it is the engine that keeps me going. The kindness and goodness that I come across on a day-to-day, motivates and inspires me to strengthen my faith and plant good deeds.

What does your work aim to say? What themes do you pursue?

I capture emotions that cannot be replicated. I love to capture raw moments expressing excitement, joy, sadness etc.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

I have received sincere ‘thank you’ and I have been praised for my efforts during the shoots. I have also been commended for my hard work in making everyone around me feel comfortable while shooting, to be themselves and not get intimidated by the moments captured.

Who are your biggest influences?

I follow a lot of photographers on social media but some that stand out for their creativity and style are Tyler Babin, Kat_in_nyc, underground_nyc, Laura Fuchs, and peer & peer

Should art be funded? Why?

I believe that art should be funded for it an expensive medium and overlooked in underserved communities. Art is one of the subjects that is often cut from public schools and I believe that if art was accessible it would serve as an outlet to express feelings/emotions and more artist would be commissioned to showcase their work.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

If you want to run, run a mile, if you want to experience life, run a marathon. Although this advice is often heard amongst runners, I have applied it to my day-to-day for life is a marathon You have to prepare physically, mentally and spiritually to withstand the bumps one can face along the way and embrace the good, the bad for in every bump that we endure/overcome there s always a lesson learned.

What is your dream project?

I would love to host a motivational/public speaking engagement sharing my creative journey and where it lead me.

What’s next for Ana?

The sky is the limit, I am shooting for the stars! I hope to partner/collaborate with other creatives in the photography field and continue learning.


I believe in Ana, her commitment to her craft and enthusiasm to collaborate with other creatives.  Be sure to connect with her and follow her work.

Until the next episode Mi Gente!


Ana B., born in Honduras, lives and works in NYC. She is a traveler, fitness enthusiast and a photographer who loves to capture breathtaking landscapes and heartwarming moments that cannot be replicated.

In 2012, she took on running as a hobby but little did she know that the sport would soon become a part of her lifestyle. Over the years, Ana had the opportunity to work for Nike as a pacer (leading group runs based on minutes per miles),  she has traveled for international races while combining her passion for humanitarian efforts that lead her to a transitional homeless shelter in Puerto Rico, an oncology center in Panama and raising funds for CAIPAC, a school for the blind in Honduras.

The sport of running has also ignited her passion for photography, focusing on lifestyle and moving objects. An art in the NYC running community where there’s only a handful of female photographers but in 2016 during the NYC Marathon with little experience, she was determined to leave her mark amongst established colleagues. The week leading to marathon day, Ana rented a Canon camera, spend hours capturing amazing shots from different angles at mile 21 that were praised by runners and experienced photographers alike. Since, She has continued to shoot races, covered a monologue writing workshop and partnered with a renowned chef during a Sustainable Development Advocacy event.

Through her platform she showcases her creative angle but the goal is to continue building on future content and collaborate with other creatives on prosperous partnerships/projects.

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