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Poets Preach Inside Kew Gardens Pub

This is an Excerpt from an article in The Queens Forum South and West published on June 27, 2014, and was written by Cesar Bustamante. The full Article can be read here: http://theforumnewsgroup.com/2014/06/27/poets-preach-inside-kew-gardens-pub Laughter and cheers echoed a Kew Gardens bar over the weekend as artists coming from as far as Rockland County participated in the first Canvas of Word ... Read More »

Angy Abreu – Co-Founder of WORDAT4F

Our first experience working with Wendy Angulo Productions was during the “Summer of Wordz” Workshop held this past summer. The workshop was very organized and a helpful experience for me, it challenged me in unexpected ways, as an artist, a curator and in the personal front as well. Wendy Angulo has been very supportive from the very beginning and very ... Read More »

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