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Just Announced: Canvas of Words Poetry Tour 2015 – See All Upcoming Dates on Our Events Page

Canvas of Words is an annual Art and Poetry Festival that unites distinguished and emerging poets with visual artists to showcase the vitality of the arts in the borough of Queens. Through this collaborative event, several established poets will support, encourage, and perform alongside up and coming writers and inspire original art pieces from visual artists. This showcase serves to energize and promote the arts by welcoming a general audience of all ages.

 The show was created by Wendy Angulo, founder of Wendy Angulo Productions and sole owner of Canvas of Words and co-produced by Peggy Robles-Alvarado of Robleswrites.

 The show marked its debut to a sold out crowd of 200 attendees on October 12, 2013 at The Victoria Congregational Church in Jamaica, Queens. In this six hour showcase, several established poets such as Tito Luna, Maria Rodriguez, Peggy Robles-Alvarado, Nancy Ruffin, Chilo Cajigas to name a few supported, encouraged, and performed alongside up and coming writers such as Vanessa Pardo, Monumentals, Luis Graveley and inspire original art pieces from three local visual artists: Nia Andino, Gerry Mercado and Will Afromationart Jamison.  The show was hosted by distinguished poet and founding member of El Grito de Poetas, John Chance Acevedo.

The second Installment on February 22, 2014 “Framing Love” another sold out show mesmerized the audience by taking them through the different stages of Love seeing through the eyes of men. An all male lineup :  Advocate of Wordz, Chilo Cajjas, Joseph “Sun” Hernandez, Danny Matos, Ngoma Hill, Nathan P. Pearson, Jamaal St. John, Thomas Fucaloro, Sammy Samson Maldonado and Monumentals. The show was surrounded by a photography exhibition inspired by the poems of Bronx native and visionary enthusiast Daisy Arroyo-Nova. The show was hosted by distinguished poet and founding member of El Grito de Poetas, John Chance Acevedo.

The Third Installment “Preserving Our Roots” this past October 11, 2014, also another sold out show, focused on subjects like culture, identity, pride, the search for the American Dream while preserving your history and traditions; and in some instances growing up in Queens, a borough often referred to as “the melting pot”. A graffiti exhibition by visual artists Lawrence Hossanah Myse and Aaron “Spen” Hossanah following the themed show surrounded the stage and audience. A dance element was add to the show by emerging poet and professional dancer Carmen Taveras-Molina. The artists: Bonafide Rojas, Modesto Flako Jimenez, Rafael Landron, Annette Estevez, Roya Marsh, Cindy Anacaona Peralta, Audrey Dimola, Nefertiti Asanti and Carmen Taveras-Molina showed through their craft the importance of preserving ROOTS to keep history alive. The night was a celebration of cultural diversity and was hosted by 2014 BRIO Award winner Advocate of Wordz.

Canvas of Words has gained a reputation within the poetry/arts community who consider the show “an experience”. Every show embellishes a high end production that involves a minimum of six month preparation with special attention to every detail from  the poetic theme and the visual arts style chosen for every show to the design of the stage and marketing strategies. Wendy Angulo Productions partners with AM Concepts,  a premier Lighting, Audio, DJ and Production service provider who is in charge of the audio and lightning of the show.

 Canvas of Words also developed this summer its own Open Mic Series at Katarina Bar & Grill in Kew Gardens to attract new talent in the Borough of Queens and for 2015 The Canvas of Words Tour will debut at the Bowery Poetry Club in January 25 and it will cover different venues through out New York City.

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