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Vibrating Higher, An Interview with Jessie Cotto

About two weeks ago, my friend Mariela Regalado introduced me to the Vibrating Higher movement created by Jessie Cotto.

Mariela knows how projects and movements like these who gear towards elevating your spiritual self spark my interest, so she’s constantly sharing information about these movements and is no exception she shared about this particular one, specially because is created by a Latina woman and she knows I am a big supporter of Latina womeneurs.

As soon as I browse through the Instagram Page of this project I was attracted by the positive message and how many already had joined the movement and were sharing their pictures wearing the t-shirts. I immediately felt the need to support it, so I purchased one  of the t-shirts and reached  out  to the creator Jessie Cotto to request an interview so she could  share with us  everything about the movement.

WA:  Tell us about Jessie, where were you born, who are your inspirations?
JC: I was born in East Harlem in March of 1978. As a child I lived on 112 street on Madison ave until the age of 14 then moved to the west side. I am a Harlem girl east and west side lol.  I am an actress, writer, poet, wife and most importantly a mom to my 12 year old son Avery and step mom to daughter TY. I always wanted to be an entertainer. I always danced and admired the life of actors on soap operas. I always lived in my own little world and still do. I wasn’t much of a student. I always did enough just to get by. I was always bored. I felt like I was wasting my time in a classroom for 8 hours trying to learn what life is about. When I got to high school I got a scholarship to study abroad in the Middle East. The experience changed my life. The program was a non for profit organization called F.E.G.S they took inner city kids to “Israel” for 2 1/2 months and they learn a different culture and you earn credits while being out there.
I on the other hand i had a connection with the country. from the moment I stepped foot off the plane i felt a spiritual connection to the place a connection so strong I wound up living in Israel for 7 years. I will call the experience “The Re-Birth of Jessie”.
WA: How did you come up with the concept of “Vibrating Higher”? What is the mission behind it?
JC: The concept of “Vibrating Higher” is part of my spiritual learning. I am learning everyday,  when I am feeling closest to source and feeling inspired and creating guess what?.. I AM Vibrating Higher as we all should. My mission is to spread love and awareness that we are all spiritual beings with a purpose. We are all abundant. For me what you have around you matters. The people around you matters. The messages you have around you matters. The thoughts that you create matter. Words Matter. If I have positive affirmations all around my house guess what? when I wake up the first thing I see and read in the morning will be positive and that will affect my mood in a positive way. So I choose too wear positivity. Imagine yourself walking down the street and you’re not feeling connected to source and I walk by you with a shirt that has “Vibrating Higher” on it or a shirt with a different message on it that matches what you are looking for, it will serve as a message to that person, a positive message at that. We need more positivity around us. More loving energy. My words are powerful because they are coming from my higher self. I can never lose or offend when I am connected to source.
WA:  When did you launch it ?
JC: I launched Vibrating Higher May 20th 2017. It all started with a thought. I grabbed a plain white t-shirt and asked my fiance to write Vibrating Higher in the front for me. I went to lunch took a selfie posted it on social media and every one loved it. They loved the message and they wanted to be part of it. the rest is history.
WA:  Why is it important to you personally to do this?
JC: I am just spreading love. I am very spiritual and I just want to be my authentic self and share it. Some people will receive it and some won’t, its ok. Change isn’t the easiest thing. I am proud of who I am and it has taken me a long time to get here. I am just sharing my journey. I have gifts that I was born with. We were all born with gifts. I am just sharing with everyone that it doesn’t matter when you tap into your gifts, it is never too late. I can not stress enough when it is your time nothing or anyone can stop you at any age. It’s a message I share frequently. A lot of people set mental jails for themselves and I am just trying to bail them out by sharing my life and love.
WA: What are the long term goals for this project?
JC: My goal is to continue working on myself and loving myself and respecting myself… so I can genuinely love others, respect others and that will inspire others to do the same that is the ultimate goal for me. That’s a realistic expectation. It is the only thing I can control.
WA: What’s next for Jessie and the Vibrating Higher project?
Well I have taken the parachute off. So I am going to tackle every thing I ever feared. No turning back. I am going to share my poetry on stage and via ‘Jessie’s Thread” on social media which has become an entity on its own.I post a poetry piece every week. I am going to write for others. I am going to continue putting my words out into the universe and create a lifestyle brand that represents my journey and have my words on clothing all over the planet.
I also would like to continue finding meaningful roles as an actress that will challenge me and allow me to continue to be a part of great films as I have been in several releases in 2017 that have been official choices of upcoming Latino Film Festival in the fall.
I am still putting together a website. I am currently working on new designs for the fall. It is going to be epic!
If you want to support the movement you can purchase the t-shirt by clicking here.
We wish Jessie and her project much success! Follow her on Instagram @iamvibratinghigher and join the movement!



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