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The Woke Series, Interview with Creator Glenis Hunter

A few weeks ago my friend Nia Thomas sent me a screenshot of The Woke Series Instagram page and suggested I interviewed its creator and help spread the word through my platform about this project. Right away I said yes! So after a quick introduction via text, I set up an interview with Glenis Hunter and today she will share with us why she created the series, why this project is so important and how can we help to make it happen.

WA: Tell us about yourself, where were you born and what do you do?

GH: Hi!! My name is Glenís Hunter and I’m from the Bronx. At the age of 6, I moved to the Dominican Republic and moved back in 2001.

WA: What prompt you to create The Woke Series?

GH: A lot! It was mostly the constant rejection and feeling like I would never be heard or seen. I knew deep down I was talented and had a strong purpose, I couldn’t let that go to waste.

WA: Why is it important to you personally to do this?

GH: It’s important for many reasons. First off, the people in my life are so unique and have such beautiful stories to be told. I get a lot of inspiration from them so this is my way of paying them back. It’s also important because we are living in a time where activism holds a place in the entertainment industry. It’s an amazing way to celebrate culture and to educate people on social issues, but at the same time make them laugh and feel something profound.

WA: Tell us about the Series and why you named it The Woke Series.

GH: The series is about a multi-ethnic actress living in New York, who refuses to be checked into a box. I called it ‘Woke’ because I consider this character to be “woke.” She’s constantly questioning life and is aware of the oppression/ privilege around her. She tends to think on a conscious level.

WA: Take our readers into the process, how long does it take you to prepare/organize/film and produce the series?

GH: Hahaha I started writing this script a year ago. The process takes as long as you allow yourself to. ‘Woke’ is coming to life because I learned to hear my heart instead of my ego. Once I allowed myself to have this, everything started falling into place. Pre-production has taken us about 5 months so far. Filming will take us 4-5 days and Post could take weeks.

WA: Let’s talk about the team, who is involved and tell us about their role in the creation of this series.

GH: First off, THANK YOU #TeamWoke. You give us a day and we’ll take over the world! First,  we have Jake Moore, who’s our Director of Photography and whom without, this still would have been an idea in my head. Eddie Diaz our amazing producer who is ALWAYS on top of everything and making sure our shoot runs smoothly. My dearest friend Gloribell Mercado, who’s also playing Karla and who handles everything from social media to moral support. Jill Hamburgo our Casting Director, who is helping us find the most amazing talented actors out there!! Jessica Pichardo our Make Up & Hair dept, who is helping us find sponsors for the series. Ricardo Carrion our script analyst! Shout out to Eeleni Tsokanaki and Mark Dilauro (Sound) for helping us shoot the teaser, Leslie Francisco who’s helping out with art and logo design and Joseph Bernard for Promotional merchandise. It takes a village.

WA: What can the audience expect from watching the series?

GH:  A roller coaster. They can expect to laugh and relate to a lot of what they see. There’s a little something in ‘Woke’ for everyone. There will also be moments that will be up for debate and those where we feel deeply about situations going on.

WA: I know you have a created a campaign to fund the project, how can we help you spread the word?

GH: Yes, please check out our campaign! We currently have 3 days left to raise a much money as we can. You can help by sharing, liking, following the campaign and of course donating. https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/woke

WA: Who are the people that have had the biggest impact on your life as a woman of color, actress, and filmmaker?

GH: Honestly the people around me, especially my parents. My parents are the most outspoken, driven and supporting parents out there. They believe in me more than what I believe in myself, I am who I am because of them. With that I also want to say, the Mirabal Sister have greatly impacted me as far as being a woman of color and also having a love for activism.

WA: What is the last movie you watched?

GH: Hahaha, haven’t had much time for TV, but I love playing Clueless over and over when I work.

WA: Who is your favorite Director?

GH: That’s tough. I’m going with Ava Duvernay. Lately, I have been OBSESSED with her. Everything about her is beautiful! Her work, her activism, her presence and her KICK ass fearlessness!

Now that we know more about the Series, let’s spread the word and donate to the campaign. Follow the series on IG @woke_the_serie and on Facebook: Woke The Series


Glenís Hunter is a New York based actress.  From a young age,she discovered the performing Arts as a way of freedom and self-expression. Her most recent accomplishments  include: cast member of Platanos and Collard Greens the hit off -broadway show, national/ regional commercials, TV/Film credits and also runner up for last years NBC ABFF Star Project.
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