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Cynthia Ericson Roche – Day 21- 31daysofWomen

Cynthia Ericson Roche – Day 21- 31daysofWomen

“A woman’s love is stronger more far reaching than any other. Whether it’s for her mate, her family, her fellow man or for her strong beliefs in a cause, a woman will become a fierce warrior to protect, defend and care for that or whom she loves. Some call that the “mother Grizzly” in her, I prefer to call think of it as an inner strength to ward off harm, see the good in everyone she loves no matter what the situation. Love is never easy nor is it definable but when you hear a woman roar know it’s all about her love for someone or for something she believes and is fully committed to. A woman’s love will live forever even if it is not returned in the same manner because when a woman loves she loves completely no matter what.” ~Cynthia Ericson Roche, Retired Office Manager, President of the joint Boards of Deacons and Trustees and Music Director of the Victoria Congregational Church.

I met Cynthia in the summer of 2010, she welcomed me and my son into her house and her family with arms wide opened. If you know Cynthia or are blessed to know her or meeting her, she is one of the sweetest woman you will ever known; but don’t let her sweetness fool you, she is one Warrior Woman!

Cynthia sang backup vocals for Ike and Tina Turner back in the days, was on soap operas, worked as a cosmetic consultant for a world cup tennis champion during her gender transition – one of the first celebrities to publically do a gender transition. She was also a regional manager for Leggs Pantyhose and managed a high volume Hallmark in the Financial District. She was the first female president of the Briarwood Jamaica Little League and eventually a Regional Director. Before retiring, she worked for immigrants’ rights as part of The New Sanctuary Coalition of New York helping to stabilize families in danger of being torn apart by deportation. Just a few things about this remarkable woman.

In the midst of all of this, Cynthia raised her three children and became a surrogate mother for many others who needed love, home and a warm meal, she never turned anyone away. She is also been married for 41 years.

Cynthia believes in people and supports anyone’s dream, she is one of the first person who encouraged me to pursue the creation of Canvas of Words and provided me with a safe space to live my dream. Every year she donates her time to help us set up the show, for rehearsals, video shoots and interviews, she also chimes in with ideas and never complains; at the end of every show she awaits for me to give me a hug and a kiss and tell me how proud she is of me. Since we met, every year for my mom’s anniversary she messages me to remind me that I make my mom proud and that she understands the pain I feel for her absence.

Cynthia is that woman that at 65 years of age is so full of life and reminds you that life is worth it and joyful and that every scar and every wound is a lesson of wisdom. She is a symbol of the nurturing love that characterizes a woman and today I honor her and the love she spreads to all of us who know her.

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