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Creating your Wellness Roadmap, Interview with Kenia Nunez

I met Kenia Nunez at an event for Proud to be Latina about a year ago since then we have built together. Kenia is an incredible human being who is not afraid to share her story with the hope of helping others. She has been planning for quite some time a conference for her organization SavvyGems and today we discuss the creation of her organization and the upcoming Fundraiser Conference scheduled November 9, 2018 in Malverne, NY.

WA: Tell us about Kenia, where were you born, what do you do?
KN: I was born in Manhattan, New York. I am an author, speaker, and wellness ambassador.

WA: Why was so important to you to create SavvyGems?What was your inspiration?

KN: SavvyGems was born out of grief and despair. When I learned that my husband had stage IV cancer and there was no other treatment option, we began to try different healing methods to extend his life. Not only were we able to extend his life by five months, but it was when I realized that the things that helped him extend his life, were the methods that helped me climb out of depression. And, that is where the SavvyGems and its method was born.

WA: On November 9, 2018, you are hosting a Conference, share with our audience about it and why is it important to you personally to do this?

KN: The conference on November 9th is dedicated to creating your own wellness roadmap. I wanted to create an event that not only included a powerful panel but one that would allow the guests to walk away with tools and strategies to improve and transform their lives immediately as well as the lives of those they love.  This event is a fundraiser and all proceeds from the event are going directly to our SavvyGems teen enrichment program for girls 13 to 17 years old. Teens are welcome and their attendance is absolutely FREE. Some of the topics our panels will be discussing are resilience, finding your purpose, healthy boundaries, self-care and healing from the inside out.

In addition to a fierce panel, we have over $5,000 in raffle prizes and a special gift for all of our participants.

I want to invite you all to attend and bring your teens!

WA: What has been the most challenging part of putting together this conference?

KN: The most challenging part is that I am horrible at delegating. An awareness that I immediately recognized that was going to affect the greater mission – and so I learned to lean on others to help me make this event something that I am already incredibly proud of.

WA: Let’s talk about the team behind SavvyGems who is helping you with the conference and all the events within the organization?
KN: I have been very blessed with the amount of help I have received in regard to the event. Every single person involved with the event – from the panelists to the team helping who have volunteered their time: I have a fundraising team, a tech team, and an event planning team that is just as invested as I am in this conference. I couldn’t be happier.

WA: You are a Wellness Ambassador, what’s the best piece of advice you received about taking care of your well being that you would like to share with us?
KN: Honestly the best piece of advice I could give anyone is: take inventory of your mind, body, and spirit often. You are your own best advocate.

WA: Share with us your daily routine and how you balance it all.

KN: This is the real truth. I practice the SAVVY GEMS method daily. It is not about perfection, but doing the best that I can to show up to my life with intention.

WA: What is the SAVVYGEMS method exactly?

KN: The SavvyGems method is an acronym for nine overlapping life practices that assist with the highs and lows of life.
S- Sleep
A- Alkaline (Nutrition)
V- Validation (Relationships)
Y- YOU (The study of you)
G- Guidance (Spiritual and Mentors)
E- Exercise
M- Mindfulness (Meditation)
S- Sleep

WA: What’s next for Kenia and SavvyGems?

KN: To eventually make the SavvyGems/Savvy Gents curriculum to become part of the required learning for all students in Middle School/High School.

I want to invite you all to attend the conference and help SavvyGems offer free to low cost mindfulness and self-care programs to teen girls on Long Island. To purchase tickets, click here.

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