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Behind the Speaker, an interview with Dj Tedsmooth – Part 1

Last Wednesday night,  I had the opportunity to be apart of the audience of legendary Dj Tedsmooth‘s show Behind The Speaker. In this show, Ted interviews other Djs through an insightful conversation which is honest and at times funny giving the audience a chance to hear and understand the Dj’s journey,  some of the challenges he had to overcome as ... Read More »

Afrolatinos, an Interview with Alicia Anabel Santos

I met Alicia Anabel Santos back in 2011 and there is a lot I can tell you about her, she is a fierce writer, storyteller, activist, community organizer, founder of the New York City Latina Writers Group, devoted mother, one of my mentors, a loyal friend and tribe sister.  Alicia was the first person who believed in me as a ... Read More »

Vibrating Higher, An Interview with Jessie Cotto

About two weeks ago, my friend Mariela Regalado introduced me to the Vibrating Higher movement created by Jessie Cotto. Mariela knows how projects and movements like these who gear towards elevating your spiritual self spark my interest, so she’s constantly sharing information about these movements and is no exception she shared about this particular one, specially because is created by ... Read More »

Shadowshaper Book Review by Mariela Regalado

The first time I read a book that authentically described the Brooklyn hood I grew up in was Bodega Dreams by Ernesto Quiñónez. He used the slang my friends and I used. The book wove Spanish and English words together with the same elocution the people that surrounded me had. But Bedford Stuyvesant and Williamsburg have long changed. Describing things ... Read More »

Black Privilege Book Review by Wendy Angulo

I’m sure you all know who Charlamagne Tha God is and if you don’t know, well he is a TV, radio and social media personality who’s best known as one of the co-host of The Breakfast Club morning radio show alongside Queens’ own Dj Envy and Angela Yee. I must admit that like many at first, I was not a ... Read More »

What We Lose and the Art of Death Book Reviews by Sarah Gonzalez

These were my favorites this year. It was extremely difficult to choose one to review. I felt they were interrelated, serving a much-needed POC point of view on the art of grieving. I’ve pored over personal memoirs and books related to the grieving process. These two gems were therapeutic and magical. Both books deal with the author’s grieving of their ... Read More »

Bruja Book Review by Michelle Guerrero-Henry

In Bruja, Wendy C. Ortiz allows us into the most private corners of her mind. Published in October 2016, this is not quite an exploration of her dreams, as she doesn’t give her interpretation of them, and not quite a memoir but a dreamoir. The dreamoir is defined as “a narrative derived from the most malleable and revelatory details of ... Read More »

Inkle & Yarico Book Review by Sharon Shaw

The author, Beryl Gilroy explores chattel slavery, classicism, identity and feminism in the novel. Thomas Inkle is the protagonist you hate but respect. He is a young man from the British upper class that believes he comes from a superior race/nation. Inkle states “our civilization is superior and permanent. I hold others to be ephemeral-and at times grotesque that is ... Read More »

The Next-Generation Self-Help Book For Girls by Nia Ita

Kenia Nunez, Corona, Queens native and Latina wellness coach, published her first book in 2014. Surrendering: When Pain is Transformed Into Extraordinary Blessings was a collection of musings about Kenia’s awakening to her purpose in life after losing her husband to cancer. She was left to raise three children and face the ongoing depression she had been running from for ... Read More »

Hunger Book Review by Andreina Garcia

Hunger, written by one of my favorite authors Roxane Gay, is a memoir, where she lets us in what her life has been like living and navigating this world as heavyset woman. “This is a memoir of my body. My body was broken. I was broken. I did not know how to put myself back together. I was splintered. A ... Read More »

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