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Grief & The Loss of My Mother#52essays2017

January is a rough month for me. I lost my mother January 25, 2002 four days after her 56th birthday, when she lost her battle with colon cancer, the grief is twice the weight. For the past 15 years, January reminds me of not being able to celebrate my mother’s birthday among other milestones and it is also the reminder ... Read More »

Loving My Body vs. Body Shaming#52essays2017

Last Summer, my friends and I along with each other’s families got together for our annual beach day. Our friendship has transcended the test of time and now we have become family.  It is a tradition we began building about four or five years ago. We are now parents and our kids get along so well they call each other ... Read More »

Miriam Celis de Angulo- Day 31-31daysofwomen

“Me siento feliz de tener las hijas que tengo, aún con sus debilidades y malcriadeces de vez en cuando, pero esto forma parte de la vida de una familia. Me han hecho sentir halagada cuando se refieren a ustedes como personas aplomadas, serias y desenvueltas, este es mi gran tesoro. Me he remontado en estos momentos al día que nacistes ... Read More »

Peggy Robles-Alvarado- Day 30- 31daysofWomen

” ‪#‎magicmakingisnotforpendejas‬ defined (For Darrel Alejandro Holnes) Magic maker: mag·ic/ mak·er noun: 1. a person with the power of influencing the course of events in his/her life by using pura ganas, faith and mysterious or supernatural forces to create, complete or define themselves despite any and all impediments i.e. Woman; she be that mystical force; that enigmatic, enticing relentless creature ... Read More »

Nivea Castro- Day 29- 31daysofWomen

“A woman’s courage is defined and tempered by how we bounce back, move on and up in the face of fear and life’s beat down. We dare to fall in love with our own selves because then we are free to love others and do right, be right in the world.” Nivea Castro, writer, photographer, social justice attorney, Lesbian activist, ... Read More »

Alicia Anabel Santos- Day 28- 31daysofWomen

“Being a woman to me translates to my becoming, my being and my owning that I AM FREE! I am free to be who I was born to be. I am free to express myself the way I see me. I am free to define for myself the categories I choose for me. How I identify, serve others, hug often, ... Read More »

Maria Rodriguez-Morales- Day 27- 31daysofWomen

‘I’ve been surrounded by independent women throughout my life. Having been raised by a single mother I’ve learned that resilience is innate. An independent woman is not above trial and tribulation. She makes mistakes, holds herself accountable and keeps it moving. Pa’lante is our mantra. I’m a mother and wife and sister and daughter and aunt and friend and fierce. ... Read More »

Nancy Arroyo-Ruffin- Day 26- 31daysofWomen

“Women are strong, resilient, relentless, beings. When all women realize how much power we truly have and release how we are perceived and defined by others, we will take over the world.” ~ Nancy Ruffin, Wife, Mother, Award Winning Author, Poet and Motivational Speaker. I met Nancy back in the Fall of 2011 at Jenning Medina’s First Year Anniversary of ... Read More »

Juliet P. Howard- Day 25- 31daysofWomen

“Being a woman means not only nurturing others, but also learning how to nurture oneself. As a mom, partner, daughter, curator of a literary Salon series and full time working woman, I sometimes have to remind myself that I also have to take care of self. Sometimes as women, this concept of self-care is a challenge, but I think it’s ... Read More »

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