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Jenning Medina- Day 24- 31daysofWomen

“I believe women around my age were born smack in the middle of two paradigms. The first being to tend home and hearth; cook, clean, nurture your children and support your spouse. The second was to be ambitious; go to school and pursue career. What became of us? We gave birth to a hybrid generation. Loving a woman who can ... Read More »

Aureli Maysonet- Day 23- 31daysofWomen

“Friendship to me is more than just a word is a feeling… A feeling of being important to someone, of being loved, respected for who you are by being loyal and honest. Friendship is about being there when that person needs you, but not expecting nothing in return. Friendship is a beautiful thing, specially when is real. In life you ... Read More »

Angela Mejia- Day 22- 31daysofwomen

“A wise young lady learns from people’s mistakes, and a smart young lady will never repeat the same mistake she has done.” Since I was young, I have witnessed and heard stories of adversity and success from the women in my life. I attribute all my success and accomplishments to them. Because of them, I’ve learned about the woman I ... Read More »

Cynthia Ericson Roche – Day 21- 31daysofWomen

“A woman’s love is stronger more far reaching than any other. Whether it’s for her mate, her family, her fellow man or for her strong beliefs in a cause, a woman will become a fierce warrior to protect, defend and care for that or whom she loves. Some call that the “mother Grizzly” in her, I prefer to call think ... Read More »

Kathy Reyes- Day 20- 31daysofWomen

“I believe excellence is a choice. It’s a decision you make and commit to. You set your standards high, you require more of yourself to reach the goals you’ve set out to achieve. You stay focused on your direction and have faith in your path. You are excellence, excellence is you…but you have to want it and be willing to ... Read More »

Corrine Booker- Day 19- 31daysofWomen

“A woman’s strength summed up into a single word definiton is not an easy task. However if you ever question it, doubt it or need a reminder of it, you should know: A woman creates life, she nurtures life and does all of this while she carries life. She delivers life, she raises life and builds life all while conquering ... Read More »

Nia Andino-Day 18- 31daysofWomen

“Be the person you would want at your side on any journey. Use your gifts and make your passage meaningful.” – Nia Andino, Visual Artist, Writer and Interior Design Assistant from Queens, New York. I met Nia through the New York City Latina Writers Group; she was in charge to provide writing prompts to all members and push us to ... Read More »

Andreina Garcia- Day 17- 31daysofWomen

“When I think about something I would say to my younger self it would be to always do your best. Always do what you think is right for you. And when you do something do it because you want to, wholeheartedly, without wanting the recognition, accolades in return. Those are just added bonus. The one you need to always make ... Read More »

Audrey Dimola- Day 16- 31daysofWomen

“I come from a lineage of boundless women – my mother and my Nana showed me that it’s okay to blaze like a firecracker, with no apologies. I wholeheartedly believe every woman should light her spark off that ancient wisdom – that of the eternal goddess, the magic-maker, the wild woman. The voice in all of us that says: tell ... Read More »

Diana, Princess of Wales- Day 15-31daysofWomen

“Only do what your heart tells you.”~ Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales. (July 1, 1960-August 31, 1997). I still remember the first time I heard of Princess Diana, it was July 29, 1981 when she married Prince Charles. I woke up that morning and with my mother, sister and Abuelita watched the whole wedding. It was like experiencing a live ... Read More »

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