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Canvas of Words ‘Preserving Our Roots’ Interview with Poet Audrey Dimola

Canvas of Words ‘Preserving Our Roots’ Interview with Poet Audrey Dimola

Hey all!!! I hope you are having a fabulous week!!

Last week I posted an interview I did with Wendy Angulo’s Marketing Consultant Paul McDonnough. We learned a lot about Canvas of Words marketing strategies and how he is helping her. An informative interview!

Now this week we are starting off with small interviews with each poet that will be part of Canvas of Words- Preserving Our Roots showcase! And because this is Canvas of Words third year I am going to ask the poets three questions. I don’t want to give too much away now. You have to go to the show! Get your tickets. Hello!

Today we will be starting with poet Audrey Dimola!! “Audrey Dimola is a proudly born-and-raised Queens writer/poet/curator, cross-genre collaborator, and ever-intrepid literary explorer. She is the author of poetry and prose collection “Decisions We Make While We Dream” (2012) and the forthcoming “TRAVERSALS.” A crusader for Queens culture since her college years, Audrey’s local efforts include organizing the first ever Queens Literary Town Hall, and curating shows for LaGuardia Performing Arts Center and Queens Museum. She devotes her life to the power of artistic expression, lives by the 3 C’s (creativity, community, and collaboration), and aims always to stay wild and stay grateful.”

Here is what she had to say. Enjoy!

Beauty, Brains, and Blogging: Please let us know about yourself, and your poetry?

Audrey Dimola: Hey hey! I’m a queens born and raised writer, poet, performer and curator. I’ve been involved in Queens arts and culture since my college years as a participant, observer, reporter, organizer, and promoter. At the core of everything, though, has been my own poetry and prose. It’s evolved over time, as well as my performing style – but it always deals heavily with emotion, nostalgia, natural and visceral images, a lot of howling at the moon and cracking open 😉 I’ve only just started to do this, but I love having a mixed media element – combining poetry with snippets of song, quotes, nuance, movement.. I feel that creative expression is one of the closest ways we can touch (our own) divinity. everyday magic. so for better or worse, whether it comes easily or with difficulty – this craft has always been part of my life.

BBB: I know you live in Queens and have performed in Queens so how exciting that you will be performing at this years Canvas of Words in Queens! My question is, what led you to be a part of Canvas of Words- Preserving Our Roots?

A.D.: I’m so thrilled to be a part of a Canvas of Words event. Wendy Angulo and I became friends when I organized the first ever Queens literary town hall at Queens council on the arts in October 2013. We’ve been following and supporting each other ever since, and I’ve always admired her drive and instinct for incredible talent. It’s also amazing to have the opportunity to bring my work to an event of this scale in my own home borough, sharing the stage with performers I admire and ones I can’t wait to meet and hear. Queens lit has come such a long way in the past few years, and people like Wendy and the Canvas of Words crew have been on the frontlines.

BBB: Because the theme is Preserving Our Roots- can you share with us just a little bit of what you will be bringing us Oct 11?

A.D.: The idea of preserving roots, of identity, of history, has been an interesting concept for me – it’s kind of made me realize what a difficult question it can be. The first lines I wrote in trying to come at this were “wild girl, you tell me you do not/ believe in history.” I feel like I’m from Queens, from the same radius I’ve had for my whole life – but also my dad’s town in Italy I’ve never even seen, or from my mother and father’s spirits, but also everything that has grown from myself – this wildchild, sometimes lone wolf that floats detached.. other times i just feel part of the EARTH. Nature.. the sky, the stars. it’s been challenging to wrestle with it. “I am the daughter/ of typewriters and paint cans/ of astoria, LIC, and my father’s land/ I can’t talk without moving/ my hands and i/ want to feel/ everything.” We’ll see where it goes 😉

I just absolutely love Audrey. She is a free spirit and speaks through her poetry! See her October 11.

Again get your tickets and thanks for reading!

Here is the link:


And here is the flyer:

This has been Beauty, Brains and Blogging approved!!

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