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I am an educator, lover of books, lover of words and anything that stimulates my mind. I am a member of the NYC Latina Writers Group who is currently working on the story of her life.

Wordat4F 2nd Year Anniversary

!Que tal mi gente! If you love poetry and want to listen to amazing spoken word artists perform then I’ve got the place where you should be at January 23rd! It is at Wordat4F 2nd year anniversary show!Wordat4F is a traveling open mic mainly based in Washington Heights, their goal is to cultivate poetry and bring awareness through activism. Wordat4F ... Read More »

Politics and Poetry

Hello all!! Yesterday, we read Nicholas Howard-Jennings inspiring piece on being a black poet surrounding the events that have recently happened to our black youth. Today, we bring you his proud mom, J.P. Howard, writing in response to Nicholas’ piece. It is truly amazing how this family is raising our youth to have a voice, to continue to have conversations ... Read More »

Politics and Poetry at age 10

  Hey all!! I just want to say that it is admiring and refreshing to know that young people are speaking on things that are happening in today’s world in which affects them, as is the case of Nicholas Howard-Jennings. This young man at the age of 10 has written a piece about how poetry has helped him to have ... Read More »

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