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Visiones- 2015: Awaken Your Inner Treasures – Manifest an Enriched New Year!
Visiones- 2015

Visiones- 2015: Awaken Your Inner Treasures – Manifest an Enriched New Year!

Happy Saturday all!

It is a beautiful sunny and yes cold day! So how about if I warm you up with my latest interview? Yes.

In this interview you will find more about a woman, who is a grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, friend, educator, spiritual leader, a former young lord member, and one of the truest and kindest person you will ever meet. Her name is Gloria Rodríguez, who has dedicated her life to empowering others especially women- to find their inner strength to do what they love and manifest their dreams.

Gloria Rodríguez founded the DeAlmas Women’s Institute, “a community-based organization launched in 1998. DeAlmas is dedicated to providing women the opportunity to reclaim, honor and express their divine feminine gifts and human potential through spiritual and personal transformation.” Gloria also holds yearly workshops by gathering women to help them create Visiones/Visions for their lives through meditative work, spiritual learning, and sisterhood, hence calling this workshop Visiones/Visions.

This year marks its 17th year, how amazing is that?! The longevity shows how important this work is. How women need this spiritual, emotional, and loving support in which Gloria Rodriguez does so well in leading. I attended last years Visiones workshop and can attest that I came away with strength in myself, a sisterhood, and feeling that I can achieve anything I want by knowing I will have the support of women who see the best in me.

It is my hope that through this interview with Gloria Rodríguez you will consider attending this year’s Visiones workshop!

Take a moment and learn about Gloria, her incredible journey with DeAlmas Women’s Institute, Visions workshop and where she plans to take it next.


Beauty, Brains, and Blogging: Can you tell us about yourself and what Visiones stands for?

Gloria Rodríguez: Vine a Ayudar (I came to help)..Julia Alvarez. The contribution my soul chose for me to share with women, our community and the world is reflective in Julia’s words. I am the Founder and Director of DeAlmas Women’s Institute, a community based organization that began in 1998 as an outgrowth of my graduate work in Counseling Psychology with a passionate focus on Women, Spirituality, Culture, Feminism and Group Process.  As a long standing community activist, my work through DeAlmas, has consistently been grounded in service to individual and community elevation of love, esteem, healing and positive social change. I am also a tenured professor of psychology at Bronx Community College, and for the past 16 years have taught thousands of students – educating and motivating them to succeed and live their dreams. I have authored an award winning book titled, “You are More Than Good Enough”, that focuses on transforming a prevalent core belief that we are not good enough or worthy and challenges all of us in different ways.  In 2012, I received an additional certification as a spiritual life coach, adding another dimension and skill set to my love-work. I understand that my “personal legend” is to teach, guide, help, support, facilitate, and provide the energetic spaces and exchanges for people (particularly women) to empower, enhance, elevate, heal and transform their lives.  And although I haven’t always been “conscious” about my purpose, I must say, I have always followed the call of my heart from my teenage/young adult years as a leading member of The Young Lords Party/Organization to present time. My core values are absolutely reflected in my work. Some of which include family (community), love, joy, beauty, creativity, authenticity, and a just and compassionate world.

Visiones/Visions is the inaugural workshop of DeAlmas.  It was developed and designed to give women a day to review and release old, outmoded experiences (mental, emotional, behavioral) of the past year and intentionally create a New Vision accompanied with an inspired action plan for the new year.  As all of our programs, utilizing an integrative and holistic approach to self-awareness and authentic empowerment. Visiones/Visions offers the tools for women to use in actualizing their dreams, goals, and aspirations while providing a mirror of support and sacred community for all women.

BBB: The Visiones workshop has been in existence for 17 years, which is amazing, can you tell us about the trajectory of it, how has it evolved over the year?

G.R.: Visiones is our annual signature workshop that happens at the beginning of each new year.  Our first Visiones was January 1998, and was held in my apartment in Brooklyn.  Eight (8) courageous women were present in our circle.  Since then, Visiones has grown tremendously serving hundreds of women throughout the years.

BBB: What do you have planned for this year’s Visiones?

G.R: Each year, Visiones is programmatically guided by a theme. Our theme this year is Awaken Your Inner Treasures – Manifest an Enriched New Year!  We believe that we all have inner “jewels” (unique gifts, talents, creative potential) that are often buried. Through meditation, ritual, group sharing, heart to heart exercises, movement, and coaching, women have an opportunity to excavate and re-connect with their authentic selves and release fears, challenges, obstacles and experiences that prevent us from living our heart’s desire and life vision.  And, this year, we have a few surprises in store!

BBB: What is are your hopes for Visiones in the years to come?

G.R.: Expand. Expand. Expand.  This is a very powerful workshop. We pray that Visiones continues to resonate with women as a sacred space for self-love work that will be healing and strengthening. Many of the women who have participated in this workshop subsequently committed to a year long program of Self-Work with me as “Visioneras” – Many have manifested their dreams in a very impactful way (see testimonials on our website www.dealmas.net) We will continue moving forward this year with another Visionera cohort.  In the past, we have taken Visiones on the road. We are revisiting offering this workshop in a few different cities next year.

Thank you Gloria Rodriguez for the work you do to empower women! If you would like more information visit www.dealmas.net and like the page on Facebook: DeAlmas Women’s Institute. The workshop is happening January 18! You still have time to get your seat.

This has been Beauty, Brains, and Blogging approved. 😉




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