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Canvas of Words ‘Preserving Our Roots’ Interview with Poet Annette Estevez

Canvas of Words ‘Preserving Our Roots’ Interview with Poet Annette Estevez

Hi again!!

It is Friday, the end of the week and I know y’all are ready for the weekend. But before you begin your weekend, how about I share with you my interview with the next poet who will be gracing the stage of Canvas of Words- Preserving Our Roots October 11?! Ok great! I will be asking this next poet three questions to get to know her and see what she has on her palette for Canvas of Words.

Let’s meet Annette Estevez. Annette Estevez is a NYC poet. “She lives in Queens, or in her head, or in the breath between your heartbeats. She’s not sure. But that’s what her poems are for. Her poetry has been featured at The Cornelia Street Arts Cafe, La Mama Galleria, Bluestockings Bookstore and the NYC Poetry Festival.”

I have seen Annette Estevez at several venues but the first time I actually heard her poetry was at a Canvas of Words- Open Mic Series event and I must say she blew me away. Her words were profound and her presence strong. So it’s no wonder she is part of this year’s Canvas of Words show. I really hope you enjoy this short yet informative interview.

Beauty, Brains, and Blogging: Please let us know about yourself, the work you do and your poetry?

Annette Estevez: Poetry is the only way out from under my skin, which is funny to say because several of my poems take place under skin – in the floorboards of a heart, behind guitar chords of ribcage, in hammering skeletal xylophones. But poetry is what makes music of the noise within me; the haunting confined to this body. I’m reading incessantly; learning endlessly from other poets. I feel like there’s always more to know and different ways to stretch and grow as a poet which is as maddening as it is enlightening.

BBB: Can you tell us a little bit about your connection with Wendy Angulo and what led you to be part of Canvas of Words- Preserving Our Roots showcase?

A.E.: I met Wendy for the first time at Capicu Culture. We have been mutually supportive of each other’s work since. I have been following the Canvas of Words series and I love what it is contributing to the arts, particularly the arts in Queens – where I’m from. I’m honored to have been asked to be part of the next showcase.

BBB: The theme this year for Canvas of Words is Preserving Our Roots- can you share with us just a little bit of what you will be bringing to Canvas of Words, Oct. 11?

A.E.: For ‘Canvas of Words’ “Preserving Our Roots” showcase, I’m working on a poem inspired by a recent experience with my grandmother and the duality of being Latina in the US. Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

“Ducklings nibble at the exoskeleton
of childhood as their mother
quacks in a tongue too broken
to remember my name”

Thank you Annette for sharing with us a little about yourself and what you have in store for us. I am looking forward to hearing Annette perform her beautiful poems. It is already starting to look like this is a show not to be missed.

By the way Happy Birthday Annette! Hope it’s a blast! 🙂

Get your tickets and thanks for reading! And for today only, Sept. 12, buy two tickets for $20. Surprise someone with a ticket. 🙂

This has been Beauty, Brains and Blogging approved!!

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