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Canvas of Words ‘Preserving Our Roots’ Interview with Founder/CEO Wendy Angulo
Wendy Angulo is a member of the NYCLWG since 2012. Sole owner of Canvas of Words, an art and poetry showcase. CEO and founder of Wendy Angulo Productions, an organization that supports, encourages, promotes poetry and visual arts. And is a fullservice management company that provides bookings, production, event marketing, sponsorship and promotional services to Spoken Word and Visual Artists.

Canvas of Words ‘Preserving Our Roots’ Interview with Founder/CEO Wendy Angulo

Hey all!!

Do ya’ll remember last week, I posted about the next BIG event that is happening in Queens, Canvas of Words Preserving Our Roots!? No? Check my last post. Yes? Good. Well my friends, this week, I’m bringing you an interview with the Founder, producer and who is making this show possible, Wendy Angulo!!! Here she tells us all about Canvas Of Words and why it would be in your best interest to attend this show.


Beauty, Brains, and Blogging: Wendy, before we begin can you tell us about yourself and how Canvas of Words and its theme for each year came into existence?

Wendy Angulo: I am a NYC born Latina, a mother, lawyer, curator, producer, manager, CEO and sole founder of Wendy Angulo Productions. I am also a lover of the Arts and the Art I am most in love with is Poetry.

The Idea of Canvas of Words was born in April of 2013, when I noticed; the Borough that raised me seemed to lack my two passions – Poetry & Art. How could a place so over flooded with TALENT be hidden? It was then when I decided I wanted to change that, I wanted to create a SHOW, not an open mic or a festival but a SHOW that would showcase poets and visual artists and most importantly I wanted that show to happen in QUEENS, at HOME.

For the first year Canvas of Words would showcase poets both emerging and distinguished and it would also showcase Art. Putting the two together had not really been done in Queens before so coming up with a way to do both equally was a bit of a challenge. How would I combine two ARTS into ONE SHOW, on ONE NIGHT? That’s when the idea of having the artists capture the poem and have their work surround the poets as they recite the poems came to mind. I wanted it to be a night filled with Canvases Words.

For the second installment, I decided on an all-male lineup of poets reciting about Love as seen through their eyes. For this showcase, I chose a photography exhibition, depicting all the different stages of love. I wanted all the photos in black and white (my love of photography began with and still remains in black and white).

BBB: I know in your shows you infuse poetry and art together… Why is this?

WA: As Da Vinci once said “Painting is Poetry which is seen and not heard; Poetry is a painting which is heard but not seen”, hence the origin of “Canvas of Words”. I’ve always been an arts lover and an avid reader so it was more of a personal preference. In my opinion they both blend well.

BBB: Canvas of Words is in its third installment and its powerful theme is “Preserving Our Roots”… How did this theme emerge or rather how did it come to you or did it choose you?

It has always been present to me and more so lately the constant struggle we have to preserve our history & traditions, who we are and where we come from can sometimes get lost in society, especially in a city as diverse as New York. With that being said I wanted poets to write about their traditions, cultures and upbringings, I looked for poets of different backgrounds and was lucky to find so many from Queens.

I was born in Queens and one of the things that distinguishes this borough is its diversity, we are often known as the “melting pot”. As far as art, I’m a big fan of Graffiti and with Queens recently being stripped of how we showcased Graffiti by having our stomping grounds, Five Pointz ,demolished I figured it will be a good idea to have the feeling of Five Pointz in one place for one night.

BBB: What can we expect this year that is different?

WA: This year we are incorporating music and dance to the show, we’ve been asked for it numerous times and this year we are ready for it. We are also donating the art to an inner city school in Queens as a way to give back to the community.

BBB: Can you tell us a little bit about the artists performing without telling us too much?

WA: Hahaha well all I can say is that once again we are blessed to have a roster of talented poets, a dope visual artist and a multitalented host!

BBB: What would you like the audience to take away after they see this show?

WA: I would like for the audience to know the importance of the arts as part of your growth as a human being; the need to support the artists, the curators and producers of these events which are so important to the development of our communities and therefore our society. I am grateful to my parents for instilling in me this love for the arts, because it opened my eyes to the beauty of the world, it fed my imagination and fueled my creativity. I needed all these elements in order to create Canvas of Words. I am absolutely proud of this project.

BBB: Any last word you’d like us to leave us with?

WA: Come join us October 11, 2014 at 7:30pm at the Victoria Congregational Church for a celebration of cultural diversity the Canvas of Words way!

There you have it folks, it is always a pleasure talking to Wendy about her projects. I am looking forward to this year’s theme Preserving Our Roots. I believe it will be a powerful and deeply rooted show!

Join us October 11…

Get your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/canvas-of-words-preserving-our-roots-tickets-12710263741

This has been Beauty, Brains, and Blogging approved! 😉

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