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Self-Love is a Revolutionary Act by Vanessa Pardo

Self-Love is a Revolutionary Act by Vanessa Pardo

Self- love is a revolutionary act. In a society that is constantly telling you who to be and what to be, loving yourself as you are is beyond imaginable. Why would anyone want to love the skin they were born in? Why would anyone want to love their weight? Why would anyone want to love their natural hair color? Why would anyone want to love their nose? Why would anyone want to love their cellulite? Why would anyone not want to change who they were born to be? Simple, because each of us was born with exactly what we need. That’s why people meditate. You are the source. You are more than enough. We spend our lives running from ourselves, then begin searching for ourselves. It is a constant battle. Unfortunately, society has brainwashed us to believe we are not enough. Society has created a “perfect” image that is ideal for how we should live. In reality nothing and no one is perfect. We are all unique. Each of us brings something different and new to the table. We make up the pieces of the human puzzle.

Self-love is crucial for living. It shifts your life into an active, peaceful and loving place. Self-love should be required. It should be like oxygen. One should need it to live. Self- love transforms your life. It awakens your purpose. Sheds light on your hopes, dreams and desire. It sets you free. With it, you can walk through life with confidence. It’s a full time job. Requires 100 percent commitment to yourself. It’s the most rewarding, explosive and wild love affair ever. Loving yourself is the one act that can transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary. Accepting every inch of your body can liberate you from the chains of society. Saying yes to oneself is uplifting. It will remove the negative thoughts from your mind and thrust a wave of happiness into your body.

Self-love is important to surviving. It will open the door to respect, courage and unconditional love. Once you love yourself, everything else will fall into place. You are no longer part of the crowd and one with your true self. It is what will save you from the claws of society. You will begin to think clearly. Self-love illuminates the possibilities and requires you to be present, to be whole. Self-love takes time, dedication and work. It will constantly shift your awareness. Self-love will protect you from the evils of life and give you the strength to live the life you always imagined. Love is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Start unwrapping your best life now!

About The Author

Vanessa Pardo is a Dominican Ecuadorian woman, from Washington Heights. She is a Brooklyn College graduate with a Master’s degree in Education. Vanessa is one of Wendy Angulo Productions Featured Artists.

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