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Interview with Paul A McDonnough

Interview with Paul A McDonnough

I hope everyone enjoyed last week’s blog where I interviewed Wendy Angulo, the CEO and Founder of Canvas of Words. There she told us about herself and how Canvas of Words and its themes came into existence. She mentioned what this year’s theme, Preserving Our Roots is going to be about, a show you don’t want to miss!!!

As mentioned in our interview, Canvas of Words was created with the intention of bringing the arts and poetry to Queens, now, how do you bring the people to the show? How do you market a show to reach an audience to go to Queens? Because of these questions and more Ms. Angulo sought out a marketing expert who could help her design a plan and execute. But whom does she go to? Who is her marketing consultant?!

I’ll tell you who. It is Mr. Paul A McDonnough, Vice President, Conference and Events Group Show Director. Ms. Angulo felt she needed “a good marketing plan to bring people to Queens and due to his expertise and experience, he was the right person.” I have asked Mr. McDonnough a few questions on how he uses his expertise to assist Ms. Angulo, what he thinks of Canvas of Words and much more.


Beauty Brains and Blogging: I have heard many great things about you. Please let us know about yourself and how you and Wendy Angulo started working together?

Paul A McDonnough: Wendy and I started collaborating on marketing related ideas to launch her project in the summer of 2013. With my background in Marketing and Advertising and over 15 years of experience in event management, I have a unique perspective on the development and design of marketing campaigns; especially for startup ventures such as Wendy Angulo Productions. I was eager to put on my “marketing hat”, roll up my sleeves and share some quick tips on how Wendy should position herself for the initial launch in the fall of 2013. She hosted an amazing sold out event in the fall of that year and here we are today.

BBB: I know how important Canvas of Words is to her, what makes Canvas of Words unique and different from other shows that you’ve seen?

P.D.: The artists. What separates one show from the next are the artists. I believe Wendy has had an amazing eye for talent, raw talent. Her artists are hungry and some of the most creative writers I’ve seen on stage. They are not jaded by perceived fame and fortune and still remember the raw emotions and feelings that go into this type of writing. Wendy continues to add such raw talent to this roster; it will continue to separate her artists from the rest. A truly “top-flight” crew.

BBB: Why did you decide to help Wendy in venturing into this project?

P.D.: My faith and belief in her as a leader, manager, evaluator of true creative writing talent and her drive. I’ve watched her mature as a business leader and community activist. Her desire to showcase Queens’ bright creative talent led me to believe and become equally excited in her venture. I also want to see more recognition and spotlight brought to minorities who are doing amazing and spectacular things to “change the game”.

BBB: As a marketing expert where can we see Canvas of Words headed?

P.D.: For bigger and better things! In a short span of time Wendy Angulo Productions has established a web presence, launched several successful showcases and in development to expand their social/viral network all within 12 months and so much of the credit goes to the drive of their leader, Wendy Angulo. Her passion and determination to succeed has become infectious to her team of professionals.

BBB: Is there anything you would like to add about Canvas of Words?

P.D.: Only that I look forward to continually lending my marketing/advertising prowess to the continual development of this great project. I want to see this brand become nationally recognized and reach beyond its boundaries to other communities. It will because of the leadership of Wendy Angulo!

There you have it friends! This is one of the many reasons you should attend this year’s show. When you are passionate about a project it shows and others notice. Once you see a Canvas of Words show you will understand what I mean. Make your way there October 11, 2014.

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