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Creating your Wellness Roadmap, Interview with Kenia Nunez

I met Kenia Nunez at an event for Proud to be Latina about a year ago since then we have built together. Kenia is an incredible human being who is not afraid to share her story with the hope of helping others. She has been planning for quite some time a conference for her organization SavvyGems and today we discuss ... Read More »

Coming Home Colombia, Interview with DJ EFN

As some of you might know by some of my Instagram posts, I am a huge fan of DrinkChamps the weekly podcast hosted by Queens own N.O.R. E and Miami Hip Hop Pioneer Dj EFN. Today, I have the pleasure to chop it up with DJ EFN about his award-winning documentary series Coming Home, where DJ EFN and his Crazy Hood crew ... Read More »

The Woke Series, Interview with Creator Glenis Hunter

A few weeks ago my friend Nia Thomas sent me a screenshot of The Woke Series Instagram page and suggested I interviewed its creator and help spread the word through my platform about this project. Right away I said yes! So after a quick introduction via text, I set up an interview with Glenis Hunter and today she will share ... Read More »

Checking my Respectability Politics by Vanessa Mártir

The first time my sister Dee said it to me, I was visiting from the prestigious boarding school I had received a four year scholarship to attend. We were arguing about I don’t know what. We’ve always argued. As kids, as adults, long after I’d left our mother’s house, leaving her behind to deal with what I couldn’t and didn’t ... Read More »

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