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Aureli Maysonet- Day 23- 31daysofWomen

Aureli Maysonet- Day 23- 31daysofWomen

“Friendship to me is more than just a word is a feeling… A feeling of being important to someone, of being loved, respected for who you are by being loyal and honest. Friendship is about being there when that person needs you, but not expecting nothing in return. Friendship is a beautiful thing, specially when is real. In life you meet a lot of people but only a few you call friends whom also become family.” Aureli Maysonet, Educator, Devoted Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Friend.

I met Aureli fifteen years ago when she had just gotten married to her High School sweetheart Alex. She is one of those woman who always greets you with a sweet smile, from that date on we’ve been friends or as she always tells me we are family.

Aureli grew up an only child but with one of the kindest heart! She will give you her shirt if you need it and will always figure out a way to help you. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico and move to Queens, NY at the age of 10 and after graduating High School she moved to Puerto Rico with her family and pursued a career in Education at the University of Puerto Rico. She is an Educator with a certification in Pre-K and Kindergarten. She is the mother of three beautiful children: two girls and a boy and she’s been married to her High School sweetheart Alex for fifteen years.

One of the many things I admire of Aureli is her devotion to her family, she manages to spend tons of quality time with her children, attend to her husband, her house, cook one hell of a meal and still have time to be the most unconditional, loving and supporting friend you could ever ask for. Our friendship has surpassed the distance (majority of it blossomed while she was in Puerto Rico and I was here in New York), she is for me what Gayle is to Oprah. She has been that friend who totally “gets me” and never judges me, raised under that “old school” Spanish household foundation where you “respetas a los mayores”; “lo de la casa se queda en la casa” y “mucho cuidado en la calle”. Aureli is very observant like I am, and we communicate sometimes by just looking at each other without saying one word.

My first trip to Puerto Rico was to visit her and it remains one of my fondest memories. Aureli was one of the first persons I called when my mom passed and the last person I spoke to before giving birth to my son…I still remembered being in that bed getting ready to have a cesarean section and hearing her coaching me at the other end of the phone assuring me that everything was going to be fine and that I will love the experience of holding my son in my arms and I must say she was right; she was also the first friend I spoke to when my marriage fell apart and the one who told me I was going to be fine. She is been my friend, cheerleader, confidant and my voice of reason numerous times. The one thing I love the most about her is that I have NEVER had to question her loyalty and viceversa.
Four years ago she moved back to New York with her husband and children and I couldn’t be happier! We work together, we spend holidays together, our children get alone well and call each other “cousins” but is not strange, we are family. Having her here just strengthen our bond.

Aurelis is an extraordinary woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend, those that don’t come into your life often but once they do, you better hold on to them tight and cherish them. I am absolutely blessed to have her in my life and I thank God for that everyday.

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Wendy Angulo is a New York City born Latina, raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Wendy is a mother, writer, lawyer and the founder of Wendy Angulo Productions, an organization whose goal is to support, encourage, and promote poetry and visual arts in the borough of Queens. Wendy, re-discovered her love for writing in the summer of 2011 after attending a spoken word event in Queens. She then joined the New York City Latina Writers Group where she has been an active member and has taken on the role as the organization’s Program Director. Wendy is an essayist who is currently working on her Memoir. She has read her work at several venues throughout New York City, including Nuyorican’s Poets Cafe, East Harlem Cafe, Sankofa Sisterhood, Camaradas and has been published in the online journal Mom Egg Review; she is a 2016 VONA alum and the sole creator/curator and producer of Canvas of Words, an art and poetry showcase that birthed of Wendy’s desire to bring the arts back to her beloved borough of Queens. Wendy continues to scout for new talent and build new connections to perpetuate the arts and strengthen the literary community.
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