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Rev. Mark Marsh – From the Victoria Congregational Church

Victoria Congregational Church

Wendy Angulo Productions helps to fill a gap for artistic expression through spoken and visual arts in the borough of Queens by their event, “Canvas of Words.” The initial showcase occurred on October 12, 2013 at Victoria Congregational Church, United Church of Christ. The church has been privileged to work with Wendy and her crew as they set up and ... Read More »

Rich Villar – Poet, Educator, Editor, Curator, Director of Acentos

Rich Villar

For Wendy Angulo, I’ve made the (sometimes distant) trip on the F train and the LIRR numerous times. And I will continue to do so, and support her team, and attend her events. A steady stream of writers, community organizers, educators, and performers have made their way out to eastern Queens, and have brought their art and energy to the ... Read More »

Chilo – Poet, MCEE and Founding member of El Grito de Poetas

In my time working with Wendy Angulo, she has proved to be very on point and professional in how she deals with other artists. She pays meticulous attention to detail in developing the production of her shows. Her Canvas of Words series marry art and poetry together to packed houses. With her hard work ethic and determination, and roster of ... Read More »

Papo Swigtty Santiago – Director/Curator CAPICU Cultural Showcase

Papo Swigtty Santiago

I came to know about Wendy Angulo initially as a writer and member of the powerful band of womyn known as NYC Latina Writers Group, and discovered that she was set to create a unique poetry festival in the borough of Queens entitled ‘Canvas Of  Words’, which I had the opportunity to attend. As a fellow event coordinator, I was ... Read More »

Audrey Dimola – Queens Writer/Poet Performer & Curator

Since I first met Wendy Angulo while I was organizing the Queens Literary Town Hall for Queens Council on the Arts, I was immediately struck by her fire, focus, and drive. She is one of those people who could somehow stand out in a crowd of movers and shakers – everyone has a dream, everyone has a passion, but Wendy ... Read More »

Deborah Emin – Writer, Publisher & Community Organizer

Wendy Angulo has become a mighty force in Queens. A powerful writer herself, she has also created a strong business to further the visibility and careers of other writers in this amazing borough and beyond. As a writer, publisher and community organizer, I rely on Wendy’s vision and reach to help plan events, meet new writers and share their work ... Read More »

Ron Kavannaugh – Executive Director of Mosaic Literary Magazine

Wendy Angulo is a dedicated professional who remains committed to making a difference in the literary arts. She recognizes that poetry, prose, and verse are fundamental elements on which we can create and nurture young minds. Through her tireless efforts, she recognizes that the arts hold the key to developing strong culturally centered communities. ron@mosaicmagazine.org www.mosaicmagazine.org Read More »